1064nm Lasers


Pulsed 1064nm Lasers

ST-01 Series







​STANDA Micro Laser

  • TEM00 and pulsed spectral structure SLM

  • Applications:

    • Pump source for harmonic generators, optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers (using periodically poled KTP or LiNbO3crystals

    • Low-coherence "white light" interferometry

    • Test and measurement systems

    • Optical coherence tomography

    • Two-photon microscopy

    • Fluorescence microscopy

    • Laser seeding

    • Spectroscopy

CW 1064nm Lasers

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ST-01-CW Series









  • Highly reliable CW diode-pumped solid-state laser operating at the fundamental 1064 nm and second harmonic 532 nm wavelength.

  • The laser head delivers 0-500 mW of stable output power in a TEM00 beam.

  • Laser resonators does not contain moving parts; optimized laser diode (LD) beam shaping optics allows easy and reliable assembling.

  • Standard laser system consists of a power supply unit and a laser head. Power supply unit includes LD and TEC drivers, USB interface for ease of integration and remote control.

  • JLV-SOFT9, universal laser control software with intuitive GIU, allows detailed setting and monitoring of the laser parameters.

  • The STA-01CW is equiped with a Remote Interlock connector located at the back panel.

  • Each unit is supplied with a shorting device installed in the interlock connector.

STANDA Senza Series









  • 1064 nm output wavelength

  • Highest Efficiency: ≥40% (output-/pump power)

  • Low noise: < 0.3 % rms

  • High beam quality (M2<1.05)

  • CW laser operation

  • Single Frequency: intrinsic feature
    of optical layout, no mode hops

  • Scalable Design

  • Cost effective