780nm Lasers


Avesta Ultra-Short Fibre Laser


  • Application

    • Amplifier systems seeding 

    • Terahertz generation and detection

    • Multi-photon microscopy 

    • Ultrafast spectroscopy

    • Semiconductor device characterization

    • Supercontinuum generation

    • Optical coherence tomography

    • Telecommunications


  • Second harmonic of Er-doped fiber laser operates at wavelength of 780nm and in a number of applications can replace the powerful yet less reliable solid-state Ti:S lasers.

  • Easy to use design, turn-key operation, small footprint greatly facilitate any research in which the laser is involved.

  • Lack of laser experience is not a problem with the fiber lasers, only general electronics and light physics knowledge is required to work with the unit.  

  • EFOA-SH is also a perfect source for amplifier system seeding due to one-box compact design and lack of expensive pump laser as in case of Ti:S solid-state seed. 

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