Base, Mounts & Accessories

Opto-mechanic Components

Please note a lot of base, mounts and accessories are to be used in conjunction with specific parts. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Post Mounting

ST-3MP-INCH-05, ST-3SMP-INCH-05 Mounting Posts

Stainless Steel

Holes on the ends (Inch)

Each post can be attached directly to a base surface using adapters

Model                        Height, Inch            Weight, kg      

3MP-05-3                 -                               0.012

3MP-Inch-05-1        1                               0.025

3MP-Inch-05-2        2                               0.04

3MP-Inch-05-3        3                               0.06

3MP-Inch-05-4        4                               0.085

3MP-Inch-05-6        6                               0.125

3SMP-Inch-05-1.5   1.5                            0.01

ST-3PH, ST-3PHB, ST-3PH-INCH-05, ST-3PHB-INCH-05 Post Holders

Aluminium Post Holders 3PH have a precise mounting opening for mounting posts 12 mm (Ø0,5’’ in imperial) in diameter. It provides two lines of contact, thus the position of a precision mounting post becomes definite. A mounting post is locked in position by a screw (included). The post holders 3PH can be mounted to other components using screws, or to breadboards and tables directly using adapters 3AH.

New Original Design of Post Holders 3PHB, which offers more usage convenience and flexibility. This solution was influenced by many requests for more compact optical schemes. Previous design is modified by introducing a slot, which allows clamping post holders to mounting surface using clamps like 3UTC, no additional parts required. Width of post holder with clamp does not exceed 25mm (1").

Model                              Length,mm                  Length, Inch                 Weight, kg

ST-3PH-33                     33                                  -                                     0.035

ST-3PH-50                     50                                  -                                     0.050

ST-3PH-75                     75                                  -                                     0.075 

ST-3PH-100                   100                                -                                     0.090

ST-3PHB-33                   33                                  -                                     0.035

ST-3PHB-50                   50                                  -                                     0.050

ST-3PHB-75                   75                                  -                                     0.075

ST-3PHB-100                 100                                -                                     0.090

ST-3PHB-150                 150                                -                                     0.130

ST-3PH-Inch-05-1.2       -                                   1.2                                  0.035

3PH-Inch-05-2                -                                   2                                     0.050

3PH-Inch-05-3                -                                   3                                     0.075

3PH-Inch-05-4                -                                   4                                     0.090

3PHB-Inch-05-1              -                                   1

3PHB-Inch-05-1.2           -                                   1.2                                  0.035

3PHB-Inch-05-2              -                                   2                                     0.050

3PHB-Inch-05-3              -                                   3                                     0.075

3PHB-Inch-05-4              -                                   4                                     0.090

3PHB-Inch-05-6              -                                   6                                     0.130

ST-3PC Post Collar

Placing precision finished black anodized aluminium Post Collar 3PC onto the posts at specific height allows the post to be rotated without changing height. Also it could help to place the post in post holder on the same height while changing alignment components.

Model                                        Aperture (Ø)          Weight,kg 

ST-3PC8            metric            12 mm                   0.03

ST-3PC8-01      metric            12 mm                   0.03

ST-3PC-05         imperial        12.7 mm (0.5'')      0.03

ST-3PC-05-01   imperial        12.7 mm (0.5'')      0.03

ST-3MP, ST-3SMP Mounting Posts

Mounting Posts made of Stainless Steel

Components can be mounted using screws or 3AH adapters for different threads

Each post can be attached directly to a base surface using adapters 3AH

Posts are supplied with 3AH4-4 or 3AH6-4

M6 and M4 threaded holes in the ends

Each post has a Ø6.2 mm hole

Post Holders 3PH

Post Collars 3PC

Model                               Height,mm        Weight, kg           Included Adapter         

ST-3MP-25+3AH4-4       25                       0.02                     3AH4-4

ST-3MP-25+3AH6-4       25                       0.02                     3AH6-4

ST-3MP-50+3AH4-4       50                       0.04                     3AH4-4

ST-3MP-50+3AH6-4       50                       0.04                     3AH6-4

ST-3MP-75+3AH4-4       75                       0.06                     3AH4-4

ST-3MP-75+3AH6-4       75                       0.06                     3AH6-4

ST-3MP-100+3AH4-4     100                    0.085                    3AH4-4

ST-3MP-100+3AH6-4     100                    0.085                    3AH6-4

ST-3MP-150+3AH4-4     150                    0.125                    3AH4-4

ST-3MP-150+3AH6-4     150                    0.125                    3AH6-4

ST-3MP4-20                     20                      0.01                      -

ST-3SMP4-47                  47                      0.02                       -

ST-3AK Post/Posts Holders Kit

Posts/clamps kit 3AK1                                                        Post holders/base plate kit 3AK2

Item No.                      Quantity                                             Item No.                             Quantity    
ST-3MP-25                       10                                                 ST-3PH(B)-33                          15
ST-3MP-50                       15                                                 ST-3PH(B)-50                          15
ST-3MP-75                       15                                                 ST-3PH(B)-75                          10
ST-3MP-100                     5                                                   ST-3PH(B)-100                          5
ST-3MP-150                     5                                                   ST-3PH(B)-150                          5
ST-4PH132                       2                                                   ST-3TC7                                   10
ST-4H29                            2                                                  ST-3BP4-02                             10
ST-3APC-12-12                3                                                  ST-3BP4-01                              10
ST-3RPC-12                      10                                                ST-3SBP-02                             10 
ST-4SC-28M4                   2                                                  ST-3UTC                                      2
ST-4SC-52M4                   4                                                  ST-3EXC45                                  1
ST-2MAB111-02               5                                                  ST-3RBP-39                               2
ST-3MP-05-3                    5                                
ST-3PC8                            5 

ST-3MP-25 Fixed Pedastal

Solid (Ø 25 mm) stainless steel rod

Random positioning

Exceptional stability

Model                         Height, mm                          Weight, kg

ST-3MP25-25            25                                          0.08

ST-3MP25-50            50                                          0.17

ST-3MP25-75            75                                          0.26

ST-3MP25-100          100                                        0.36

ST-3MP25-150          150                                        0.55

ST-3MP25-200          200                                        0.72

ST-3MP25-300          300

ST-3PC Post Clamps

Tool to secure mirror holders and other tools
on posts with:

Ø32 mm  -  ST-3PC-32

Ø25 mm  -  ST-3PC-25-01


Material: Aluminium

Finish: Black anodized

ST-3TPH-13 Translating Post Holder

Fine post height adjustment within 13 mm without rotation

One rotation of adjustment ring adjusts height of post by 1 mm

High stability position locking

Material: Aluminium

Weight - 0.15 kg

Translation Post Holder 3TPH-13 is used for height adjustment of components mounted on 12 mm posts 3MP or equivalent. Range of coarse height setting is 50 mm. After coarsely setting position, post is locked inside the 12 mm round bore with stable two-line contact using upper thumbscrew with hex socket. Precise height adjustment is then done by a handy knurled adjustment ring. One rotation of the ring moves the post up or down 1 mm to a total of 13 mm. Precise position can be locked using the lower thumbscrew.

M6 threaded hole in the base can be used for attaching directly to optical table, to other positioners or to magnetic bases 3CMB.

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ST- EXC45 Rotary Clamp

The Rotary Clamp is used to fasten components at random positions where they cannot be fastened directly to the optical table. Screw a post or post holder onto the clamp's knob. Then locate the component at the required position. While the knob is firmly attached to the component, it allows the plate to rotate freely. Position the plate's slot over a tapped hole and screw it down to clutch the knob. The component will remain stable.


Material: steel with chemical black finish.

Weight: 0.08 kg

ST-3TC5 Table Clamp

Using Table Clamps 3TC5 you can position any Standa base, available through Laser Support Services, and most base mounted components at any angle on the table and have not to be limited by mounting hole pattern of the optical table. For using clamps the device is positioned so the slot of the clamp is over the base and so the screw can be inserted into a tapped hole. Tightening this screw can generate sufficient force for most mounting applications.

ST-3TC6/ST-3TC7 Table Clamps

Using these Table Clamps you can position any Standa base, available through Laser Support Services and most base mounted components at any angle on the table and have not to be limited by mounting hole pattern of the optical table. For using clamps the device is positioned so the slot of the clamp is over the base and so the screw can be inserted into a tapped hole. Tightening this screw can generate sufficient force for most mounting applications. 
Weight: 0.03 kg

ST-3RPC Right Angle Fixed Post Clamp

Aluminium fixed (non-adjustable) 90° (right angle) clamps are designed for posts with thickness of 12 mm like MP posts series from Standa, available through Laser Support Services. ST-3RPC-05 for 0.5" thickness posts ST-3MP-Inch-05 posts series.

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Base Plates

ST-3BP4 Base Plates

Base Plates are 3BP4 are designed to position posts and holders. The base is fastened by mounting slots, which allow to slide the base to positions independent of the pattern holes. Material: steel of black finish, or black anodized aluminium.

ST-3SBP Sliding Base Plates

Sliding Base Plate allows M6 threaded post holder (ST-3PH) or other components to be cost effectively positioned and locked on X and Y axes. Adjustment range along X axis is within 26 mm. Y axis - 38 mm. 

Material: black anodized aluminium.

Weight 0.18 kg.

ST-3UBP Universal Base Plates

Universal Base Plates are designed for attaching translation and rotation stages to STANDA optical tables, available through Laser Support Services and to other stages.

Available as:




ST-3BP7R7 Base Plate

This Base Plate is designed for fastening Mini Rotation Stages on optical tables and other surfaces. The Mini Rotation Stage is attached to Base Plate using M6 screws through 3 clearance holes on the base plate. Base plate can be attached to metric table tops using M6 screws through 2 clearance slots, or attached to imperial table tops using 1/4-20 screws through 1 of the clearance slots. Please see adjustment screws for more information.

ST-3BP120 Base Plate

Base plate is designed to be easily mounted on both metric and imperial layout optical tables.

Designed for motorised vertical translation stages:

Vacuum version available

ST-3UBP175 Base Plate

Designed to fix listed translators to optical tables and other flat surfaces. Fits metric and imperial hole patterns

ST-3BP138 Base Plate

These Base Plates are flat, slotted plates designed to ensure mounting of various opto-mechanical components at random position. The bases can be translated on limited range depending on the size of the base plate slot. The base plates are made of black anodized aluminium and are available in different dimensions for use with mounts for specific components.

ST-3RPB Round Base Plates

Round Base Plates are used for mounting posts and posts holders to position them at random. The post stays stable without fastening. If required, the plate can be fastened using specific Table Clamps.
Material: black finished steel, or black anodized aluminium

ST-3EXP59 Base Plates with Eccentric Clamp

These base plates are used to clamp posts and post holders in random positions. Attach a post to the base using an M6 screw. Set the position. The base rotates around the clamp through 360° and translates within 10 mm. Fix the clamp with an screw. The base is of black anodized aluminium.

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Riser Blocks


ST-3RB135 Riser Blocks

Riser Blocks are designed to use with appropriate base plates to elevate the optical axis of mirror and lens mounts. Also another component mounts are assembled to base plate through the Riser Blocks using M4 socket-thread cap screw. The Riser Blocks are made from black anodized aluminium and have a lip on the edge for aligning it with the base and for prevention of its rotation.

ST-3URB111 Universal Riser Blocks

Universal Riser Blocks are the combination of the Riser Block and the Base Plate. They allow all components to be mounted at fixed axis height 10 mm using ST-3URB111-01(03) or 20 mm using ST-3URB111-02(04). The Universal Riser Blocks are made from black anodized aluminium.

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ST-3A-45D Angular Adapter

Turns/fixes Mirrors and Mounts by 45'

Compatible with optical positioners available from Laser Support Services: 

Made of black anodized aluminium

Weight: 0.025 Kg

ST-3AM 45 Degree Mirror Adapters

Optics rest against two contact lines formed at the interface and are firmly held by a plastic securing screw. Adapter easily accommodates into any optical mount designed for 1" optics. ST-3AM-1-15-45D model is made with Ø15 mm clear aperture to add functionality of a beamsplitter holder. For fine adjustment, the adapter can be mounted into ST-5MBM21-1 kinematic mount or any other 1" mount.

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Magnetic Bases


ST-3MB6 Low-profile Magnetic Base

M6 mounting holes pattern on 25 mm centers

Highest holding force - up to 140 kg

Nonmagnetic mounting surface

Low field leakage.



Low-profile Magnetic Base features:

  • A high holding force that does not degrade with time

  • A low profile, generous mounting provisions

  • A non magnetic mounting surface of the magnetic base

  • A holding force which you may vary continuously by the easy to reach inset adjustment screw.

  • An exclusive stable magnetic circuit ensures that the magnetic elements move linearly.

  • A Hex Key ST-3HK-6 (6 mm) comes with each magnetic base

ST-3CMB Compact Magnetic Bases

Magnetic Bases are very useful for small components that may be quickly positioned on ferromagnetic optical tables, breadboards or translation stages. These bases are compatible with post holders and mounting posts also available through Laser Support Services. Magnetic bases can serve as a alternative for table clamps when frequent re-positioning is required.

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Fasteners & Accessories


A broad range of fasteners and accessories are available through Laser Support Services.

Connecting Cones

Thread Adapters

Hex Key

Special Screws


Fastening Nuts

Lock-Down Clamp

Screw Kits

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to find out more information.