Beam Expanders & Telescopes 

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Among one of the newest range of products we can now offer are beam expanders and telescopes.

STANDA Beam Expanders









The Standa Beam Expanders 10BE01 have two lenses and are focusable to minimal distance 2m.

In such type beam expander aberrations can be totally compensated only in one point. 2.5x or 5x expansion ratio.


Depending on customer needs and application we can customize beam expander lenses to compensate aberrations in region of 2m focus point or for infinity. Beam expanders could be customized for any wavelength from the range of 450-2000 nm.

Please contact us with details of your application and for prices. 


STANDA Variable Zoom Beam Expanders


Standa diffraction limited Galilean type beam expanders offer variable magnification of 2x-12x (other ranges available, see table below) with adjustable focus to correct laser beam divergence.

All adjustments can be made quickly and easily by hand using our unique zoom and focus scale engraved directly onto the beam expander. No special tables or fine adjustment curves are required. 

Standa's long years experience in designing and manufacturing of fine mechanics reflects on 10BE03 zoom and focusing mechanisms. Frequent set-up changes without compromising optical and mechanical performance are common to 10BE03 series.