Continuous Wave


The continuous wave DPSS systems have many applications, including data storage and thin film analysis, and are available at a range of output powers

Key Features:

  • 442 nm output wavelength

  • Highest Efficiency: ≥ 5 % (output-/pump power)

  • Low noise: < 0.3 % rms

  • High beam quality (M2<1.1)

  • CW laser operation

  • Single Frequency: intrinsic feature of optical layout, no mode hops

  • Scalable Design

  • Cost effective


Standa Concerto 442nm

Titanium-sapphire continuous wave solid-state laser system with broad tuning range and narrow linewidth.

  • 700-1000 nm broad wavelength tuning range (with one set of optics)

  • >1.8 W at 800 nm average output power

  • Integrated pump laser option (from 2 W to 10 W)

  • Etalon option for narrower generation linewidth (<2 GHz)

  • PC connection for automated wavelength tuning

  • Optional built-in fiber coupling

  • Built-in spectrometer and power meter (optional)


Avesta TiC CW Ti:S 700-1000nm