Custom Interlocks

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With the knowledge and understanding that many laboratories differ in how they are now used from when they were originally set up, we currently offer a custom built interlock system to suit the customer and the laboratory environment. 

The range varies from the need for a safety light outside the laboratory to requiring a full interlock system containing a mix of lights, shutters automatic screens and laser controls. 

Contact us to discuss your individual needs - visits are at no cost and without obligation. 

LSS-ITLK-Cust Elec









The control systems for our custom interlocks are designed in house, this allows maximum flexibility to be designed into the circuitry.

Using a host of commonly available components our systems are easily modified and extended.

FLIR AX8 Thermal Imaging Camera 







This camera can be used for many applications; 
- Lone working 
- Security 
- equipment monitoring 
- thermal control

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