Door Control

Our interlock system can be configured to satisfy all your hazardous containment needs and requirements. 

If your hazardous area changes in shape and size, the system can be moved easily and quickly, with minimum disruption. 

If the area becomes a non-hazardous area, demount the system and put it in store ready for the next time and place it is needed 

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Main Control Unit


The Main Control Unit (MCU) provides the following features; 

  • E-Stop Emergency control push to stop button 

  • Master key switch 

  • Energise button for manual set and reset 

  • De-energise button for manually switching the system off. 

  • LCD display showing faults and fault locations 

This unit also provides a number of switchable outputs;

  • 2 x Mains rated NO contacts rated to 10 amps 

  • 1 x 24VDC switched supply when system armed, used for control of external devices such as shutters or relays. 

  • 3 x NO contacts rated at 1 amp for switching low voltages 

  • 3 x Unassigned 24 volt switched inputs

  • 1 unit required per installation - the main control unit can control 16 doors to either the laboratory or enclosure. 

Requires mains 240 Volts AC 10 milliamp supply 




The FLIR AX8 camera/sensor provides an affordable and accurate temperature measurement solution for anyone who needs to solve problems that need built in “smartness” such as analysis, alarm functionality, and autonomous communication using standard protocols. The AX8 also has all the necessary features and functions to build distributed single- or multi-camera solutions utilizing standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols.

Key Features:

  • Support for the EthernetIP field bus protocol (analyze, alarm, and simple camera control).

  • Support for the Modbus TCP field bus protocol (analyze, alarm, and simple camera control).

  • Built-in analysis functionality.

  • Alarm functionality, as a function of analysis and more.

  • Built-in web server for control and set up.

  • MJPEG, MPEG-4, or H.264 image streaming.

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)

This camera can be used for many applications; 
- Lone working 
- Security 
- Equipment monitoring 
- Thermal control


Lock Mounting Brackets


Z & L bracket kit for magnetic door locks, where the door hinges in or out, this bracket kit will suit your requirements


Door Control Unit


The Door Control Unit (DCU) allows users to leave a controlled environment without removing the hazard. 


  • The "Exit" button allows the door to a controlled area to be opened for a fixed period of time without closing or switching the hazard off. Whilst the door open function is in operation an audible alarm will sound. 

  • Door status signals are terminated in the DCU, and allow a 24VDC at 0.5 amps to operate a magnetic door lock when the door status is closed. 

  • 1 unit required per door


Door Switches


The Sipha S2 is a non-contact switch in a slim ABS housing with moulded-in brackets, making it extremely versatile and simple to install. It incorporates several magnetically sensitive elements, which must be triggered in a particular sequence to operate correctly. It is designed to operate with its own actuator to help prevent the switch being defeated by a simple magnet. The Sipha S1 must be connected to the Sipha control unit to provide a monitored circuit. 

  • Coding meets the requirements of more complex applications where simple magnetically actuated switching may not be sufficient 

  • Head & actuator are IP67 rated, which is ideal for steam cleaning or high pressure hosing down 

  • Non-contact actuation 

  • Magnetic coded sensing 

  • Slim moulded ABS housing, 82x19x19mm 

  • Approvals

    • UL, CSA​

  • Standards

    • EN1088, EN292, EN60204-1. 

1 set of switches required for each door leaf


Cable Cat. 5E Double Shielded


L-com's exclusive double-shielded patch cables are ideal for our interlock installations. EMI/RFI interference is drastically reduced due to L-com's superior cable shielding, a combination of a 100% foil plus a 60% braid shield.

The Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket allows this industrial patch cable to meet today's environmental and safety requirements.

With 26 AWG stranded conductors, this cable is flexible and easy to install even in tight spaces.

Length available from 3 feet up to 300 feet, reducing limits on distances between door and installed units.​


Key Pad and Display Unit


The keypad and display provides an indication of hazard status and an audible "door open for access" alarm 

Standard functions include; ​

  • Up to 100 programmable codes. 

  • Service engineer control codes. 

  • Visual display showing: 

  • No hazard green 

  • Visual hazard warning red 

  • Additional hazards Service engineer control (red flashing). 

  • Audible door "open" signal whilst system is on and magnetic locks de-energised

  • 1 unit required for each door 


Magnetic Door Lock


Our magnetic lock is one of the popular choices for passive access control solutions, because of its small size it is easy to fit and not that obtrusive when mounted on a door. Even though small in size it still packs a mighty punch when it comes to holding power at a whopping 250Kg of holding force. Satin Anodised finish is quite popular when it comes to magnetic locks and this is not dissimilar in the category. 

The Magnetic Door Lock has a complete array of accessories to complete any door installation. Where the door hinges in or out, there is a range of brackets to suite the application. Pulling less that half an amp means there is plenty of scope out of a 1 amp power supply to feed the magnetic door lock. 

1 x lock per door 


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