The FLIR T650sc is designed for the expert requiring the highest performance and the latest technology available. The camera combines excellent ergonomics and feature-rich flexibility with superior image quality of 640 × 480 pixel infrared resolution. High accuracy and sensitivity together with radiometric recording and streaming options make the T650sc well suited for advanced research and development. The camera also benefits from continuous auto-focus – the first of it’s kind on the market. 


The T650sc has high accuracy and high sensitivity to accurately measure the smallest temperature differences. With real-time radiometric recording by the camera, it is possible to capture fast events on an SD card for further analysis by the supplied analysis software.


A wide variety of measuring and analysis functions makes the camera flexible and able to meet your every need. A programmable button provides easy access to favourite functions.


The T650sc is equipped with the innovative Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) feature, which produces an image richer in detail than ever before.


The Wi-Fi connectivity of the T650sc allows you to connect to smart phones or tablets for the wireless transfer of images or the remote control of the camera. The Bluetooth-based METERLiNK function transfers readings from external measurement instruments to the infrared image.


When enabling UltraMax in the camera, the resolution of images can be substantially enhanced when importing the images into accompanying tools supported by FLIR.