Honeycomb Table Tops

Figure 1

The ST-1HT honeycomb table top range provide a base on which precision and laser work is performed. These table tops have a honeycomb core in place [see figure 1]. 

The table tops meet high requirements for rigidity, flatness, vibration isolation and damping.

A standard honeycomb table top consists of a 5mm thick cold-rolled stainless ferromagnetic steel top skin (non-ferromagnetic are available upon special request), and a 3-5mm thick bottom skin, both bound under high pressure to a honeycomb core by using a special epoxy resin. The thickness of the skins does depend on the dimensions of the table top. The top skin has a grid pattern of M6 holes spaced by 25mm with ± 0.1mm accuracy. This allows quick experimental set-ups and ensures a high level of precision and reproducability. The surface of the top skin is ground to a flatness of ± 0.1mm over any 1m²  area over the entire surface. The bottom skin is coated in a firm decorative coating.


Our standard honeycomb core is made of 0.25 mm corrosion-resistant plated sheet steel. The side-walls of the table top are made of a special acoustically hollow plastic which dampens acoustic vibrations. The side-walls are covered in a decorative black leather substitute.


Upon request,  a Laser Port can be embedded in the table top allowing a laser beam to be let through the table. Please see optical tables accessories for more information.

Key features:

  • Sandwich structure with steel honeycomb core

  • Top skin 5mm thick ferromagnetic stainless steel

  • Honeycomb core of 0.25mm thick steel has a density of 250kg/m³ depending on the cell size and its structure

  • Top skin has a pattern of M6 closed* holes spaced by 25mm

  • Surface flatness ±0.1mm/m²

  • Young's modulus 21x105 kg/cm²

  • Shear modulus 8.5x10kg/cm²

  • Deflection under load 1.5 µm/m

  • Resonant frequency approx. 200 Hz

  • Transient excitation delay time 50ms

*Honeycomb Table Tops come as "closed top" as standard as this avoids any liquids or tiny particles getting into the table. It is possible to open these holes yourself by pushing in the plug using a screwdriver or pointed tool. If you require additional plugs to re-seal holes, please let us know when you order the table and these will be provided. If you require a table with open holes and no plugs at all, please state this at time of ordering.

The table below is for sizing guides only, please contact us for our most up to date price list. Please note custom sizes are available on request.

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