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Laser Support Services offer a wide range of laser surgery tools, manufactured from Oculopastik.


The Sutcliffe shields with all surfaces non-reflective for safe use with a laser, come in many configurations for various applications. The same basic piece is available modified in design to shield different parts of the body.


You can shield eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, freckles, lips, gums, teeth and any tissue (deep or superficial) that requires protecting from the laser being used.


The Sutcliffe shields are useful during skin resurfacing, incision procedures and skin depigmentation. During surgery, the Sutcliffe shields can be used for retracting tissue and also as a backstop

Oculoplastik Sutcliffe Laser Shield (Flat)


The Sutcliffe shield (flat), with non-reflective surfaces for safe use., will shield any tissue that needs protection. Many applications including retracting tissue or as a backstop. 


Oculoplastik Kahn Jaeger Plate


The use of the titanium slightly curved  Khan-Jaeger plate enables the surgeon to ballottement of the posterior globe in order to prolapse the anterior fat while also protecting the globe. Ballottement can also be achieved with a cotton-tipped applicator on the metal contact lens. Features a more concave ergonomic design and polished inside 


Oculoplastik Sutcliffe Laser Shield (Bent)


The Sutcliffe shield (bent), with non-reflective surfaces for safe use, will protect any tissue around eyes, lips, gums etc. Use in surgery for retracting tissue and as a backstop. The bent model is easier to pick up when gloved.


Oculoplastik Kahn Jaeger Plate (Flat)


The Jaeger Lid plate brings all the advantages of the Khan Jaeger (curved), but is the flatter, standard shape. The inside is polished. 


Oculoplastik Sutcliffe Boey Laser Shield


Sutcliffe-Boey perforated shield, for freckles and lesions. The perforations limit the amount of energy allowed to touch the area to be treated. All-in-one shield.


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