Accessories for the NA-MM-1 Range

NA-AP4-1 Adapter Plate

A multi-position mounting plate to interface with standard optical tables and accessories, or to stabilize free-standing stages. 
For use with the NA-MM-1.

NA-KIT-XY-1 Screw Kit

Contains two 0-80 connecting screws utilizing two tap clearance holes in slider to connect two NA-MM-1 stages into an XY configuration.

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'How To Order'

NA-KIT-Z-1 Brace and Screw Kit


Contains two 0-80 x 3/16" long Socket Head Cap Screws, four 0-80 x 1/4" long Socket Head Cap Screws and one Z brace to attach two NA-MM-1 stages into an XZ configuration.

NA-TG-1 Thumb Grip


The knurled 0.5 inch (12.7mm) diameter adjustment ring provides increased sensitivity. The NA-TG-1 can be added to the standard NA-MM-1 adjusting screw and may alternately be used as a locking nut.

NA-PA-1 Pinhole Adapter


With the NA-PA-1, apertures can be changed by replacing the entire adapter or by removing it and replacing the aperture only. A soft rubber washer can be used under the adapter for slit aperture orientation. [For use with standard 0.375 inch. (9.525mm) diameter substrates, or smaller.]

NA-SS-1 Headless Adjusting Lead Screw


This custom designed lead screw replaces the standard thumb screw. It provides full linear travel while reducing the overall length of the stage by 0.4 inch (10.16mm).

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