Micromini Controllers

National Aperture Manual Stage Controller - Single Axis











  • Compatible with all NAI motorized stages

  • Communicate to any node on the system through your PC's Serial Port

  • Up to 99 MC-5B controllers can be configured on a single motion system

  • Control all nodes from any node on the motion network

  • Original Settings are retained

  • Configure each unit as a node on the network with a unique node number

  • Broadcast Single or Multiple Motion Commands to one node or all nodes at the same time.



  • Instant "Out-of-the-Box" Motion Control

  • A Low Cost, Integrated Motion Solution

  • No need to write additional motion commands

  • Perfect for Rapid Development, Prototyping, Bread Boarding, Proof-of-Concept, Small OEM lots where delivery is Critical

National Aperture Stage Controller - Multi Axis










  • Jogging point to point

  • Positioning

  • Vector positioning

  • Electronic gearing

  • Multiple move sequences

  • Contouring and PVT mode


  • MC-5CD Motion Controller

  • Country specific Power Cord

  • Extension Ribbon Cables

  • USB Flash Drive

  • MC-5CD User Manual

  • Galil Tools Application

  • DMC-4143 Instruction Manual

  • DMC-4143 Command Reference

National Aperture Stick Drive Stage Controller - Single Axis









  • Powered directly from te USB port with no additional power supply needed

  • Miniaturized single axis USB stick controller for micro-positioning

  • Designed for use with the National Apperture MM-1M series miniature linear stages, and other low voltage servo motors. Its intended use is for motors up to 4.5 V DC with maximum 200 mA current drain.

National Aperture Amplifier /Motion Controller - Single Axis









  • RoHS Compliant

  • CE Marked

  • Integrated Controller and Amplifier

  • Small footprint

  • Easy to use RS-232 Serial Interface

  • Linkable to multiple Control Units

  • Single-Axis becomes Multi-Axis

  • Includes Software Application Development Interface

  • DC power input with secure lock-on connection

  • Easy access fuse

  • Front access ON/OFF power switch

  • Controller provides Velocity and Position Mode closed-loop control w/programmable speed and acceleration and a rich Command-Set

  • Clean-and-Simple-Connectivity facilitates Rapid Development

  • Optional 2, 4, 8 or 16 port USB to RS-232 Expansion Module (Plug 'n Play)

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National Aperture Stage Controller - Multi Axis












  • Fully compatible with all MicroMini™ stages

  • Compatible with National Instruments 7342 & 7344 series controllers

  • 110 VAC 60 Hz/220 VAC 50/60 Hz operation

  • Built-in limit-sensing logic

  • Front panel axis fault lights

  • Axis enable switches with illuminated status lights

  • Compact design


  • Versatile multiple-controller interface

  • On-board encoder conditioning

  • Joystick Input

  • Linear Encoder Inputs (Differential)

  • Auxiliary I/O connector for ease of wiring

  • Easily accessible rear panel mounted fuses

  • 19" Rack Mountable or Desktop Design

  • Fully LabVIEW™ by National Instruments compatible

National Aperture Stage Controller - Multi Axis







  • Unit includes both motion controller and amplifier (no external amplifier required)

  • Programmable current limits

  • RS-232 connectivity (direct or via available multi-port USB to serial converter)

  • RoHS compliant


  • Easy-to-use configuration software with radio buttons and drop down selections

  • RS-232 null modem cable

  • Front panel On/Off switch, fuse, and power-on LED for each axis

  • Front panel accessible fuses for each axis

  • 19-inch Rack-Mount Option available

  • Full support for NAI's "Motion Console" 4-axis "out-of-the-box" motion control software

  • Low-profile design

  • Shielded country-specific power cord

  • 15 V switching power supply

  • 3-foot extension ribbon cable (10-conductor) for attachment to NAI stages

  • Fuses (2-each) 0.25 Amp, 0.5 Amp, 1 Amp and 6 Amp

  • CD containing evaluation version of "IMS Motion Console" motion control software

  • CD Including:

    • National Aperture, Inc. MC-CQ-4X User Manual

    • Motion Manager Configuration Software

    • MCDC Motion Controller Instruction Manual

  • Please see PDF for more information.