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Monochromators can be used with many of our laser sources to provide single-wavelength output, for diagnostics and specialised applications alike.


The ST-M833 is a unique high-aperture doubled-disperssive monochromator/spectrograph combining high spectral resolution and low stray light in a compact design

Fully automated, the ST-M833 is controlled from a РС via Full-Speed USB interface and contains a turret with three pairs of gratings (grating type and blaze are at your choice), up to two input ports and two output ports. Each of the input ports can apply our options and accessories– standard and crossed entrance slits, filter wheels, aperture matching units, and optical fibers. Each of the output ports can be completed with either an exit slit or an array detector with a corresponding detector adapter.

The ST-M833i (IMAGING) version allows astigmatism compensation and ensures extraordinary resolution along the exit slit while maintaining ideal line quality. IMAGING version is arranged by an automated folding mirror switching radiation between two output ports. This allows obtaining Imaging effect at the lateral output port, keeping the standard configuration of the axial output port.

At your request, ST-M833 is supplied with DLLs and LabVIEW drivers for controlling the instrument via individually designed software.

Main fields of applications are:
• Raman spectroscopy 
• emission and fluorescent spectroscopy
• multi-channel & imaging spectroscopy

Key Features:

  • High resolution & high aperture

  • Long-focus monochromator in a compact design

  • Extremely low stray light

  • Full computer control

  • Full-Speed USB interface.

Please see technical specifications PDF for more information.



The main feature of the ST-MSA-130 Monochromator is its capability to operate in the modes of both addition and subtraction of dispersions. It is , the only instrument in the word capable to provide both modes without any additional alignment and calibration. Addition and Subtraction modes are exchanged by manual switching of a selector knob from the position “Addition” to “Subtraction” and vice versa.

In the Dispersion Addition Mode ST-MSA-130 has effective focal length of 260 nm and extremely low stray light caused by an intermediate slit and carefully calculated optical design.

In the Dispersion Subtraction Mode ST-MSA-130 serves as a tunable low-stray-light-filter with pass band variable from 0.2nm to 80 nm. Zero-dispersion spectral range separated by the ST-MSA-130 is determined by the intermediate slit. Central wavelength is set from a computer by synchronous turning of two identical diffraction gratings. Input, intermediate and exit slits have manual control and smooth micrometrical adjustment of the opening width.

The ST-MSA-130 Monochromator software allows calculating the FWHM in the both operating modes depending on the set widths of input, intermediate and exit slits.

Both input and output ports of the ST-MSA-130 can be equipped with AFA Aperture Matching System ensuring input and output to be made using optical fibers.

Key Features:

  • Subtraction & Addition Modes

  • Compact & Economical

  • High Throughput

Please see technical specifications PDF for more information.