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Avesta ANTAUS Yb-Doped Amplified Femotsecond Fibre Laser


The ANTAUS microjoule ultrafast fibre laser system features high pulse energy along with fast repetition rate - an ideal combination for subtle material processing applications, as well as for many kinds of scientific research. Unlike most of the competition, the ANTAUS features short pulse duration and near-perfect AC trace with almost no pulse pedestal. The system is an all-Yb-doped-fiber oscillator + amplifier with a free-space final pulse compressor. This design ensures greater stability and true turn-key operation with low maintenance as well as the highest possible output pulse energy and spatial beam quality.

Key Features:

  • Average power >20 W

  • Pulse energy >20 uJ

  • Small footprint and 24/7 turn-key operation

  • Passive air cooling

  • Output pulse slicer option

  • Tunable pulse duration option

Available in 3 models:

  • ANTAUS-10W-2u/5M

    • smallest single pulse energy​ model

    • features novel dense-burst mode producing a burst of closely spaced pulses

    • flexible output repetition rate

  • ANTAUS-12W-6u/2M

    • ​the most versatile model​
      •  with different output parameters​
        • ​significant output power​​
        • higher pulse energy
        • fast repetition rate
  • ANTAUS-20W-20u/1M

    • highest output and pulse energy model

    • suitable for the most power-demanding and energy-eating solutions

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Standa High-Load Precision Motorised Linear Stage


The design of the ST-8MTL165-200 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage is based on 3 phase ironless linear brushless servo motor technology (stepper motor is available on request) . Direct drive technology allows the user to reach zero backlash motion yet achieves high accuracy and repeatability and low friction.​

A linear non-contact optical encoder is used as a feedback system which guarantees direct control of position with sub-nanometer resolution of motion.

Aluminum alloy guarantees high temperature stability and excellent long-period kinematics without the potential of drift. The special guiding system has been built with recirculating balls to ensure long-lasting linear positioner precision.

Key Features:

  • Can be prepared for clean rooms and vacuum compatible up to 10-3 Torr. 

  • Can be easily connected to standard imperial/metric optical table directly

  • XY configuration stages can be assembled by direct stacking without using any connecting plates

    • XY stages can be assembled in manufacturing if requested​

  • Compatible with Standa or ACS motion controllers

  • 200mm travel

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