Accessories for Optical Tables


Table Connectors


  • Link table tops together in various configurations

  • Easy assembly

  • Can be adapted to almost any table top on request

  • Available as 'T', 'L', or 'I' shape



Protective Screens


  • Designed to protect an optical set up from flashes, glitters and other undesired optical disturbances

  • The protective screens ST-1PS98-02 AND ST-1PS98-01 are provided with three mounting slots and can be mounted anywhere on the table

  • Screens are produced from steel tin-plate of black finish



Instrument Shelves


  • Free standing

  • Can be positioned anywhere over the table

  • Does not affect vibration isolation

  • Adjustable shelf height

  • Sturdy metal frame supports heavy loads

  • Convenient for storing power supplies, and for neatly gathering cables out of the way of experiments



Laser Shelves


  • Optional breadboards

  • Save space when installing a laser and/or other equipment beneath optical table tops

  • Mechanically coupled to the table top

  • Consist of M6 pattern holes

  • Can be used with any table top

  • Attachment holes can be ordered as standard, or as specified by the customer