Optical Table Supports

Table supports may be supplied with various leveling and vibration-isolation systems. This ensures your requirements are met.

The optical table supports ST-1TS range is primarily designed for the Honeycomb table tops ST-1HT range. These table supports are produced from steel tubes of 100mm square section with a decorative black coating. These are composed of upright supports, connected by a cross beam.

Please note, the ST-1TS also suit other types of optical plates and other equipment. This can be achieved as plates are not fastened and are instead laid on top of the supports.

Custom design of table supports can be requested if a specific size, design or rigidity is required.


Ordering information:

The different types of upper leveling instruments which support the ST-1TS can be chosen from:

Rubber leveling element ensures sufficient vibration isolation

Max. load per 4 isolators - 1500kg

Natural frequency - 15-20Hz


Solid leveling element is used when no damping is required.

Max. load per 4 isolators - 3000kg


Passive air leveling vibration isolator is a low height, low rigidity air spring isolator mount which is suitable for both passive and dynamic applications where a support natural frequency as low as 3-5Hz is required.

Typical passive applications may include the protection of vibration sensitive equipment such as co-ordinate measuring machines, metrology inspection devices, isolation tables and electron microscopes.

The isolator body is made of high elasticity, oil resistant and non-aging CR grade elastomer. Pressure and bottom plates are made from galvanized steel.

Inflation can be achieved either through the 'moulded in' standard tyre valve or by connection to a permanent air supply.