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Eyewear Storage Cabinet

Custom-designed eyewear storage cabinets to keep your eyewear safe, clean and all in one place!

Cabinets are ordered to your specific requirements so please contact us to discuss or ask any questions.

The cabinet shown in the photo holds 3 pairs of eyewear, has a magnetic door catch to ensure the door is closed properly, and can be mounted on to a wall to save surface space.

Honeywell Therapy I Encore Large


£122 (excl. VAT & P&P)

630 - 730nm DIR LB4 
770 - 1070 DIR LB4 
Filter 128 
Polymer Green 
VLT 12% 
Anti-scratch coated 
Lifetime Guarantee

£122 (excl. vat & P&P)

Honeywell Therapy II Encore Large


£122 (excl. VAT & P&P)

650 - 660nm D LB2 
785 - 950nm DIR LB4 
810 + 904nm DIR L5 
951 - 1065nm DIR Lb5 
Filter 160 
VLT 28% 
Anti-scratch filter 
Lifetime guarantee

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