Laser Support Services are delighted to distribute a range of high-quality thermal imaging products from Thermal Vision Research and Scorpion Vision. The ability to measure temperature through imaging is a necessity in many projects, applications and experiments. On this page you will see just a few of the many thermal imaging products Laser Support Services are able to offer. If you can't find what you're looking for, or require additional information, please contact us.

FLIR A325SC IR Camera

Designed to deliver the accurate thermographic imaging and repeatable temperature measurements you need in your research and science applications, the FLIR A325sc generates over 76,000 accurate temperature measurements in every image.

HikVision Compact Thermographic Cameras

The HikVision Compact Thermal Imaging Camera hosts a reliable temperature alarm function as well as an oboard memory of 32GB. 


The FLIR T650sc is designed for the expert requiring the highest performance and the latest technology available. The T650SC offers excellent ergonomics with feature-rich flexibility and superior image quality.


The FLIR T1030SC brings together high accuracy, high performance and superior image quality for those in advanced research and development. The T1030SC benefits from the ability for radiometric recording and streaming options. 

FLIR A655SC IR Camera

The A655SC offers an Uncooled detector, high resolution, and effortless functionality. As well as being affordable, the A655SC brings research and science thermal imaging and measurement to a whole new level.


The FLIR AX8 camera/sensor provides an affordable and accurate temperature measurement solution for anyone who needs to solve problems that need built in “smartness” such as analysis, alarm functionality, and autonomous communication using standard protocols.