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Gate Valves

Gate valves provide straight through, unimpeded fow with  the smallest valve body profile. Gate valves are ideal for space-constrained applications that require a maximum conductance. A central carriage or gate is raised and lowered by the actuator within the body. In the open  position the gate retracts completely from the tube aperture allowing unrestricted flow. In the closed position an elastomer sealing ring is compressed against a sealing surface on the inside of one of the body ports.

The range of gate ports available through Laser Support Services offer innovative design, superior grade materials and a large offering of options to give unparalleled flexibility to meet your exact requirements.

The body of the valve is made of 304 stainless steel and is vacuum brazed to 1100'C at 10(-6) Torr. This ensures joint integrity and eliminates the possibility of virtual leaks. It is then electropolished inside and out. The compact design provides a think profile, reducing the space needed for the valve and the valve's volume. Reduction of volume decreases out-gassing and pumpdown time.

Design for the valve provides service for 100,000 cycles before maintenance for most applications.  During maintenance the carriage is easily removable along with the solenoid without removing the valve from the system.

Pneumatically actuated valves close in the event of a power failure. Linear actuation allows the use of an AM-350 welded bellows to seal the actuator. This eliminates the use of rotary seals and the short stroke increases cycle life. Unique air cylinder design reduces vibrations during cycling. This is particularly important for semiconductor and other sensitive processes.

These gate valves are available with CF, ISO KF, ISO LF claw clamp, and ISO bolted flanges, manual or pneumatic actuation and Viton or copper sealed bonnet. Valve sizes range from 15.8mm to 304.8mm nominal ID. Larger sizes and ASA flanged valves are available upon request.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Angle & In Line Valves (Poppet Valves)

Poppet valves are made of a body, actuator and internal poppet. The actuator transports the poppet linearly. When the poppet is moved toward the top of the valve the internal body cavity is open to the system and flow is unimpeded. Once the actuator moves the poppet to the bottom of the valve an elastomer sealing ring is compressed onto a sealing surface on the lower body of the valve. This creates a vacuum tight seal and strops flow. Poppet valves are available in three body styles: 90' angle, in-line and angle in-line.

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All Metal Valves

All metal valves are similar to angle views, however they employ all metal construction, including the poppet seal, which is made from OFE copper rather than elastomer. The metal seal allows installation and use of all metal valves at elevated temperatures, which would preclude the use of elastomer sealed valves.

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Ball Valves

Specifically intended for high vacuum service. Valves are supplied in either 316L stainless steel or brass, in 3.2mm (1/8") to 152.4mm (6") tube O.D., pipe thread or ISO KF and ISO LF end connections. Teflon seats and Viton seals are standard, however, other combinations are available on request.

Ball valves offer straight through flow providing maximum conductance, interchangeable end connections, unobstructed ports and low initial installation and maintenance costs.

Gas entrapment has been eliminated by drilling an evacuation hole in the shut-off side of the ball exposing the body cavity to either upstream or downstream pressure depending on installation. A further advantage is the rigid stem assembly which prevents lateral movement during actuation that has affected users of other valves in the past.

Stem seals are easily replaced and only three bolts need to be removed to service the seats and body seals.

Provisions are made to evacuate the area between the seat and the body up to the body seal.

Each valve  is (mass spectrometer) helium leak checked and certified. Guaranteed leakage rate is less than 1 x 10(-9) std. cc/sec.

These ball valves available through Laser Support Services are machined from solid round 316L grade stainless steel bar. Experience has shown that for vacuum applications, cast ball valves are subject to voids, microscopic leak paths, porosity and inclusion in the material. This leads to virtual leaks, out-gassing, permeation and longer pump down times. In addition to this, the machined ball valves achieve faster pump down times and lower absolute vacuum pressure.

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Precision Leak Valves

Precision leak valves are designed to enable the user to precisely control the admission of gas into a vacuum system.

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Up to Air Valves

Installation of air valves available through Laser Support Services allows you to vent your chamber to atmosphere or back fill your chamber with the gas of your choice. Up to air valves are available in two mounting options:

Welded to the centre of the flange

Welded to the OD of the flange - allowing in-line installation of the valve in your system.

Up to air valves have 6.35mm (1/4") OD tubulations, are manually actuated and bellows sealed.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Pressure Relief Valves

Developed as a safety device to protect vacuum systems from the dangers of over pressure, when back filling with gas.

Pressure relief valves are available in various sizes, pressure ratings and flange mountings for use on HV systems. Pressure relief devices for use in UHV systems can be found in vacuum accessories.

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